REVIEW album Charmian Devi Radio Of None (Single)

Charmian Devi & Star-Studded Music Friends Delight With 'Radio Of None'

Radio Of None (Single)

Charmian Devi

Charmian Devi and her star-studded music friends leap forward with 'Radio Of None'. It is a track that stays away from conformity, and Charmian paves a path of her own.

'Radio Of None' kicks off with an innocent rhythm guitar which strums along with Charmian's soothing opening vocal. Charmian gets underway with her passionate side oozing out of her every note. She sings with honesty about loneliness, and she reflects on life around her.

As you expect the track to head one-way post verse, it goes completely the other direction with the pace picking up with might. Furthermore, the drums become relentless, and they fill up the mix with bold flavour. Likewise, the guitar riffs get a new lease of life, and they rip through the texture with sharp quality.

Vocally, Charmian has a unique timbre, and she stands out for all the right reasons. So much so, she is not a replica of any other vocalist, and she leverages her distinct character for the entirety. She also proves to have a theatrical side, often dramatizing her words with a technique that some of the most notable actors/ singers render.

As the track progresses, the mix becomes even more salient, and an eclectic range of sounds rise out of the compound. Furthermore, towards the closing stages, the bass becomes more intense, and the organ addition gives the track a new edge.

Overall, 'Radio Of None' is an exhilarating delivery from Charmian Devi. It is a well-rounded release, and it provides something for just about everybody.