REVIEW album Age Of Destitute Voiceless (Single)

Age Of Destitute Smash It With 'Voiceless'

Voiceless (Single)

Age Of Destitute

Age Of Destitute are driving down a fresh path in rock with their new release, 'Voiceless', from their upcoming EP.

It kicks off with a gradual opener, and a soft rock texture meets the ears with serenity. Moreover, the warm guitar riffs ring out of the salient mix and the drum rhythm taps ahead of the opening vocal from frontman Rez.

Vocally, Rez captivates with a strong performance. He cleverly blends soft and hard notes, and he leads us to a corner where only tranquil vibes exist. Also, his thought-provoking wordplay leaves an indent with him singing a meaningful story about honest feelings.

The track gets more brazen towards the midsection, with the drums picking up pace and the texture within the snare hits with more bite. Likewise, the guitar gets a new lease of life, and it heads off into an infectious solo arrangement post refrain. Nevertheless, the excitement does not stop there, with ethereal harmonies rising out from beneath the compound.

Overall, 'Voiceless' has a haunting quality while also providing a peaceful escape. It is unique in its own right, and the rate on display from both Rez and Sammy is impressive. They have been perfecting their trade over the last few years, and their hard work is paying off here. However, will it be enough to cement their names in the rock history books? Only time will tell, but given the nature of this one, it will be no surprise to see them rising the echelon in little time.