REVIEW album Thomas Cole Execute The Vision (Single)

Thomas Cole Executes The Vision

Execute The Vision (Single)

Thomas Cole

Thomas Cole and Electropoint hit the nail firmly on the head with their release, 'Execute The Vision'. It is a nightclub anthem with a sound that will have you clinging on.

An endorphin rush from the outset, this new gem is as fresh as they come with a dance and pop cadence, challenging to tame once it gets into full swing. Vocally, Thomas is a radiant force, and he leads an unforgettable adventure with his inviting tones smashing through the salient compound.

Also, Thomas is no stranger to a hit dance-pop record, and his previous releases also shine brighter than a star on a clear night. But, he opens a new chapter here with this delivery, and he paves the way forward not only for his own career but also for the genre.

Musically, 'Execute The Vision' is full of talking points with an upbeat rhythm that boasts a mouth-watering soundscape. However, the structure often changes. Furthermore, it starts somewhat calm with a tender synth lead which whirls around the speakers. Thomas also goes with a chill approach in the overture but similar to the music; he gets into full gear in the midsection with all the sounds smashing through with glory.

Overall, 'Execute The Vison' is the ideal summer gem. It drips feel-good, and it gets the positivity rising once again. Also, the fist-thumping direction pays off massively. As a result, it will be no surprise to hear it circling the club scene once they get given the post lockdown green light.