REVIEW album Breeze Redwine Money (Single)

Breeze Redwine Does Not Care About The 'Money'

Money (Single)

Breeze Redwine

Country musician Breeze Redwine showcases her golden touch with 'Money'. It is a track that arrives with attractive hooks, and the melody it provides is contagious but for all the right reasons.

Catchy from the get-go, this new release is the feel-good summer gem we have all been craving. It is charming with a vocal tone from Breeze, which instantly sends her to the top of the echelon. Furthermore, she boasts a Nashville-Esque country twang, often making it difficult to imagine that she was born and still resides on British soil.

The musical flow on 'Money' is inviting with a soundscape that has many talking points. Moreover, the guitar rips through the mix with a rock and roll rhythm which even the sternest will struggle not to relish. Likewise, the drums take on multiple patterns, and the cadence within the percussion keeps the excitement of the track propped up at all times.

It is evident towards the closing stages that 'Money' is the perfect live track. Furthermore, Breeze Redwine slows it down in the latter with a clapping rhythm which gets the foot-tapping. She is agile, and her fearless and confident method pays off massively.

Overall, 'Money' is an innovative country gem and the singer takes no hostages with her upfront strategy. She cleverly keeps her influences nearby, but they do not pull at her unique vision, which can often happen with new arrivals in the scene. Also, distinct in her position, she proves to have the key, and it will be interesting to see her future unfold with her subsequent releases.