REVIEW album Nwando Babes Put In The Work (Single)

Nwando Babes Gets The Summer Fun Started

Put In The Work (Single)

Nwando Babes

British-based vocalist Nwando Babes gets the summer fun underway with her 'Put In The Work' release. It is a forward-thinking release with Nwando speaking a compelling message from the very start.

Taking a hint from some of the commercial victors of recent times, Nwando fuses her influence into a style of her own, and she smashes through with colourful flavour. Furthermore, excitement leaks out of her every word, and her confidence and fearless character shine brightly, leaving no room for any ambiguity.

What is so empowering about Nwando is that she is an honest artist. Furthermore, she knows her worth, and she reflects this in her lyrical narrative, often demanding that her lover put in the work. However, she is also not afraid to present her weaknesses, often citing that she 'isn't perfect'. Nevertheless, she is in tune with her strengths, too, and she leverages her star quality often as the track progresses.

Musically, 'Put In The Work' is a quintessential pop classic, with the hook placing itself deep into the soul with a memorable flow that pulls us back time and time again. It combines many genres into one with a reggae groove which instantly gets the hips jiving. However, it brings out a Latin flavour while layering itself with a modern hip hop and afro-pop essence. It makes the track refreshing, and the innovative approach keeps Nwando from becoming a mirror image of anyone else in the current scene.