REVIEW album NO1KNOWS & KVNE Time Of Death (Single)

NO1KNOWS & KVNE: A Matter Of Life And Death

Time Of Death (Single)


40.000 views on YouTube in 48 hours. 10.000 streams on Spotify in 1 week. These are the facts and they already speak volumes. But when it comes to music, the heart matters too so let's try to dissect it to see how mine feels about Time of Death, NO1KNOWS and KVNE's latest collaboration.

The two artists have indeed already joined forces in the past, no later than last year, for a first song called Been So Long that caught the attention of Nicky Romero, NO1KNOWS' ultimate idol. That says a lot but that's not it: the legendary dance label Blanco y Negro got to hear the track and decided to release their next track.

Which brings us to today, with Time of Death. Although the title of the single is rather gloomy, and the theme - a breakup - heartbreaking, this dance pop banger will definitely make you feel alive! While the Canadian singer KVNE offers atmospheric & mellow verses, the chorus is the absolute climax of the song, introduced by a pumping rhythm, cleverly crafted by the British Australian producer. Known for his vocal chops, NO1KNOWS doesn't disappoint and I can't wait to hear more of these gems coming our way! Long live this duo!