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Meghan Trainor's Debut "Title" Proves She Isn't Only All About That Bass

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Title opens with an acapella vocal harmony which instantly arrests and surprises all those who only know Meghan Trainor from her Cee-Lo meets Eliza Doolittle ditty 'All About That Bass'.

She was signed to Epic Records just under a year ago after performing that song to the label’s head, armed with just her voice and a ukulele. The 21-year-old American blue-eyed soul singer/songwriter went onto enjoy major success with number ones in 58 countries just half a year later.

There were doo-wops present, along with handclaps and a Motown-like bass-line, lifting the obscenely catchy chorus and big girl celebration lyrics of 'All About That Bass’ into a fun 60s inspired pop track.

‘Dear Future Husband’, ‘Title’ and ‘Walkashame’ cement the album’s sound as that of 60s pop influences (Supremes, Shangri-Las) brought into 2015. Beats stolen from mainstream hip-hop and a vocal style evoking a more urban Paloma Faith or a soulful, self respecting Iggy Azalea, give the Trainor’s songs a very current feel despite the classic origins or her songwriting style.

Meghan Trainor’s vocals and attitude stand firmly in the now, but her music and melodies are in love with the catchiest elements of forgotten 60s pop music.

Motown staples like piano-plus-bass melodies, trumpets and classic organs are contrasted with the modern sass in Meghan’s vocals and female empowerment lyrics, showcased most clearly on the Pixie Lott sounding 3am’, while ‘Bang Dem Sticks’ shows off Trainor’s Nicki Minaj-like rapping skills.

Title is a soulful, fun album bringing together influences modern and old to great effect. Her songs are instantly familiar sounding, catchy and display honed vocal control and an ability to connect on some of the more heartfelt tracks, such as ‘What If I’ and ‘My Selfish Heart’.

Meghan Trainor stormed the party with her bubblegum worldwide smash in 2014, but might just end up staying as one of 2015’s most accessible and fun pop divas.

Listen to ‘Dear Future Husband’ from Meghan Trainor’s debut album Title.

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