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Atlas Losing Grip’s ‘Currents’ Forming Colossal Waves

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Atlas Losing Grip’s new album Currents certainly demonstrates the Swedish quintet’s resilience to be labelled as a tedious, soon to be forgotten band. It is true that their second album entitled State Of Unrest, (released in 2011) compared with their new release, have a very distinctive and familiar sound to one another. However, between the release of these two albums, the band have undergone minor maintenance and have power-polished the already recognisable music you know, and have stepped it up a notch to form an ‘out of the ordinary’ fusion of heavy metal and fast-paced punk rock.

The 14 track tempest, speaks about various topics including affections towards loved ones, (past and present) which have distorted into affliction due to certain circumstances alongside revelling in a sinful lifestyle. The heavy-hitting third track named ‘Cynosure’ is an example of this as the singer speaks of a woman, metaphorically in constellation form, who led an individual through life but due to uncontrollable sinful urges, she was lost to the sinner.

Another catchy track titled ‘The End’, considers how most who struggle with finding purpose to their life, start to question their very existence and must deal with a constant fear of not achieving anything that would bring them to a point in life in which they are content with what they have accomplished.

These are subjects that most in today’s society are all too familiar with and must deal with on a regular basis. They are also subjects that people can easily relate to, which make the lyrics all the more meaningful to an audience group which are slowly becoming an endless tide of people taught to question everything.

The long-serving guitarists Gustav Burn and Max Hudden, form a bursting mix of thundering guitar riffs which rage alongside a torrent of strategically placed beats, tied together by skin-cracking drummer Julian Guedj and string-slapping bassist Stefan Bratt, only to be brought together by the clean-cut, powerhouse that is former frontman Rodrigo Alfaro’s vocals.

From 2005 to 2015, ‘Atlas Losing Grip’ have certainly come a long way and worked ferociously hard to get to where they are now, and with new singer Niklas Olsson confirmed, there is no knowing where the band will be swept off to. Make sure you are fastened tightly to prepare yourself for this swelling storm of heavy metal/punk rock soon to be recognised as ‘Currents’.

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Word by Nathan Roach