REVIEW album Nathalie Miranda Battle Scars (Single)

Nathalie Miranda's Battle Scars Is A Powerful Tale Of Survival Against The Odds

Battle Scars (Single)

Nathalie Miranda

Nathalie Miranda will blow you away with her powerful vocals on her new single, ‘Battle Scars’. One of those unforgettable artists, her unique vocals leave a mark . She's an incredibly exciting talent with a sound like no other.

The opening line of the track tells us ‘you must find strength’. The song packs a formidable punch and an aggressive sound both vocally and musically. In the video, she even gives a nod to her idol Freddie Mercury’s hand-held mic stand. As Nathalie sings ‘you won’t forget my name’, know she absolutely speaks the truth! This artist is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Nathalie Miranda has achieved so much already but we get a deep sense that she is just getting started. With vocal and songwriting ability on this level, she is carving out a lane for herself as an artist to watch.