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SBTRKT makes a transition on new EP

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

In the efflorescence of his much anticipated second album, SBTRKT has revealed details of the release of six new instrumental tracks, aptly named
Transitions. The EP, made up of six tracks, is to be released as three separate 12"s (and downloads) by Young Turks.

Transitions I is due May 5th, followed by
Transitions II & III on May 19th and June 2nd respectively. Each two track production will feature artwork designed by long term collaborator
A Hidden Place (responsible for the design of SBTRKT's trademark tribal mask) and the renowned Japanese creative agency
PARTY. Removing the inner sleeve of the record will create a unique visual effect and you can see an animated representation of the artwork and listen to the tracks now on the
Transitions website -
Transitions I Opener
Gamelena, as the name suggests, bursts with Indonesian influence from the onset. As Saron-esque chimes begin to sprout on a bed of reversing cymbals and smooth hats a Classic 808 kit bursts in and the track begins to pitch upwards before dropping once more amidst an enduring hook. A refreshing  track is from the word go.
Hold the Line
Transitions II Highlight track, the atmospheric
Kyoto, begins with an ambient, eery, out of tune pad. A distant arpeggiated melody begins to blossom and as it does so it conjures up thoughts of The Land of the Rising Sun, before a distorted kick is introduced. When a heavily reverberated, almost euphoric lead line comes to the fore its a joy from here on out. Next comes the danceable
Resolute which gets heads bobbing and feet tapping from the off. It bounces along smoothly before introducing a frantic arpeggiated melody as airy chords continue to germinate in support of the unfaltering beat.
Transitions II is definitely my pick of the bunch.
Transitions III The final release opens withs
Highs & Lows, 
Stifle drops with a boomy sub kick (an almost Thom Yorke 'The Eraser'-esque synth lead ... as the beat palpitates) Overall the EP is a pleasing listen and will keep fans of SBTRKT entertained as they wait for the new album to bloom. 8/10