REVIEW album Glitch Project Bloom (Single)

Glitch Project Gratify The Ears With 'Bloom'

Bloom (Single)

Glitch Project

Glitch Project gratify the ears with their new release, 'Bloom'. The single is fresher than a fruit box. Also, it brings a cool vibe, one that many could compare to the artists at the top of the alt-pop game.

Hailing from Italy, the two-piece female group smash it vocally with a compelling performance, and they get the mind working overtime with a thought-provoking tale about society and existence. Taking hints from the likes of Haim, the group blend their influence with originality, and it paves off with a hybrid of new and old sounds.

I hear a dreamy synth arrangement in the opener, and it leads the way to an impressive melody from the ladies. Initially, it is challenging to understand the message given that they appear to head into their native tongue. Still, they soon become conspicuous with a message about running from the madness of the world around us all.

The energy which leaks out of the track is remarkable, and the power picks up as the track progresses. Furthermore, once the track hits the refrain, it is impossible to hold it back with the beat tapping away with vitality, and the vocals become more profound with flavour dripping off every note.

Glitch Project greet us to a myriad of new sounds with a guitar lead that echoes around the salient mixture in the closing stages. Likewise, the catchy hook lodges itself deep in the soul. So much so, the replay button gets a hammering once it comes to its conclusion.