REVIEW album Jbwai Busy Body Remix (Single)

Jbwai Gets The Summer Started With His 'Busy Body' Remix

Busy Body Remix (Single)


Jbwai is sending the afro-pop realms into a frenzy with his new 'Busy Body' remix. The fresh release builds upon the original with an innovative feel-good flow, and it leaves us itching to hit replay once it concludes.

It opens with a Latin-esque guitar lead, and that vibe also carries on into the first verse with a feel-good groove which compels as it progresses. The cadence is challenging to tame, and the flow would even have your grandparents tapping along.

Based in Canada, Jbwai does not hold back with his vocal delivery, covering the ears with warm texture. His tone is embracing, and he proves to have the golden touch with each note showcasing vocal prowess. However, a bit more backing harmonies in places could have been advantageous to give the track an even greater stereo feel.

Ko-C produces the remix, and he adds his signature characteristics to the compound. Furthermore, his experience of working with some of the greatest names in the scene pays off handsomely. Also, he brings a summer spirit to the mix, and it will be no shock to hear this one ringing out of bars come the summer months.

But is it enough to send Jbwai to the top? Only time will tell, but given the quality on offer here, he should have no problem recruiting a new line of evangelists while keeping his current loyal fan base content.