REVIEW album Feral Ghost It's Been A Long Time My Friend (Single)

Feral Ghost Presents: It’s Been A Long Time My Friend.

It's Been A Long Time My Friend (Single)

Feral Ghost

Feral Ghost is a band with a focus on creating music that blurs the lines between different genres and influences, including pop, rock, rootsy folk and country music, among others.

“It’s Been A Long Time My Friend” combines exciting country-pop melodies with the upbeat energy of rock music, going for a balanced and fun sound, that still feels very warm and personal. The music and lyrics were written by Danny Warwick, who also produced the video, along with Chloe Hunter. The song has a slightly nostalgic feel to it. However, it still feels remarkably dynamic and engaging, going for a happy, summery feel.

I would highly recommend listening to this release if you are a fan of artists such as Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, as well as Wilco, Calexico, Fleet Foxes, Hall & Oates, and R.E.M., only to mention a few!