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Clutch and Lionize deliver some pure rock fury.

People of Britain rejoice!  Clutch are back to tear you a new one and this time they've brought their friends Lionize with them to join in the fun.


Clutch/Lionize @ ABC, Glasgow - 07/05/2014

Despite being new to these shores Lionize kick off the evening's proceedings well.  It's easy to see why Clutch are so fond of these guys.  Not quite settling on one specific genre, the Maryland natives deliver a fun set focusing heavily on latest album Jetpack Soundtrack that goes down well in front of a new crowd that quickly packs the venue.  It's nice to see a rock band featuring hammond organs for something a little different to the norm and in singer/guitarist Nate Bergman they've got a frontman with an impressively powerful voice.  It may have taken them 10 years to get over to Europe but hopefully we'll see them back here again soon. Now ask yourself a question: how many times have you been to see a well established band that have been around for 20 years and when the singer asks if you want to hear some new material you get genuinely excited?  Alot of the time you're thinking "man, just play some early stuff from back before you mellowed out/lost your edge/sobered up/sold out" (delete as appropriate).  Clutch take to the stage to a heroes welcome and when Neil Fallon asks who wants to hear some new stuff, 1,300 people not only agree but go completely bat shit crazy for.  The band immediately launch into three of latest album Earth Rocker's biggest tunes: Book, Saddle and Go, Cyborg Bette and the title track are delivered with such force it's euphoric. Clutch have rightly earned their status as rock royalty and over the next 90 minutes deliver a near flawless set.  Power Player, Prophets of Doom, The Regulator, The Mob Goes Wild, Electric Worry...the setlist is staggering.  New track Sidewinder is aired and sounds just as impressive as the Earth Rocker material which bodes well for the new album planned for a Spring 2015 release.  Clutch are more than just the sum of their equally impressive parts but it's charismatic frontman Neil Fallon that you can't take your eyes off, stalking the stage and barking at the crowd like a possessed preacher. Earth Rocker is a stunning album and it's a privilege to hear nearly the whole thing in it's entirety this evening.  Clutch deliver 90 minutes of pure rock fury and make it look effortless.  If this doesn't turn out to be the best gig of the year I'll be amazed. 10/10 Huge thanks to Kirsten Sprinks @ CosaNostra PR.