REVIEW album Tochi Hold Me Lord (Single)

Tochi Shines On 'Hold Me Lord'

Hold Me Lord (Single)


Tochi spreads the joy with her new release, 'Hold Me Lord'; it is a track that expresses the singer's admiration for the lord and how she wishes to get closer to her faith every day.

Cleverly, Tochi keeps true to a sound of her own with a unique style, yet she also takes hints from some of the greatest names in the game. Furthermore, 'Hold Me Lord' boasts a joyous afro-pop groove that taps away, often influencing us to jive along to its cadence. Likewise, Tochi delivers a sublime vocal performance that synergises seamlessly with the captivating musical foundation.

As the track progresses, a myriad of new sounds leap out of the compound, and they leave an indent with a soundscape that is not a mirror reflection of other tracks in the same arena. Moreover, the bass rattles the speakers as it hits the midsection but for all the right reasons. Likewise, the groovy drum rhythm picks up in pace as it reaches the closing stages.

Lyrically, Tochi is on flying form with a narrative that many will find relatable. However, she does not come across as preachy with her message. Instead, she speaks with genuine feelings about her actual beliefs and innate characteristics. But, will this track be enough to send her to the top of the gospel charts? Only time will tell, but given the reaction so far, it will be no surprise to witness this one rising the echelon in rapid speed.

Great job, Tochi! Please keep them coming.