REVIEW album ROSIN Tired Of Dancing (Single)

ROSIN Unveils Cathartic Breakup Song 'Tired of Dancing'

Tired Of Dancing (Single)


Do you feel it? The cold wind blowing on your deserted heart after a breakup? ROSIN knows it too well and she decided to pour it all out in her cathartic new song Tired of Dancing.

Written during lockdown with her best friend, the piano ballad is simple yet efficient. After all, matters of the heart don’t need unnecessary embellishments to speak to your soul. Airy and fragile, this is exactly what Tired of Dancing does: it takes a weight off your shoulders to wrap you in a warm, empathic embrace. Like an invite to remove those rose colored glasses, the ethereal track sees ROSIN reflecting on co-dependency.

Tired of Dancing comes with its own music video, shot by the German artist’s mother, in her grandparents’ country house.