REVIEW album Sir Duke feat Daniel Sonders So I´m Like (Single)

Sir Duke Releases - So I´m Like

So I´m Like (Single)

Sir Duke feat Daniel Sonders

So I'm Like" Is a tempting upbeat Deep House track from SIR DUKE and with solid and original vocals from talented singer Daniel Sonders.

DJ Földes was a helping hand in the production and together with SIR DUKE and Daniel Sonders they came together with a track that is warm, exciting and one of a kind!

The track is about a relationship, and as in many relationships there is always one part that feel more love than the other and especially when the relationship is on the way to break up.

In the track you hear
I´m here with you
My love
Sitting here on the docks
Reminiscing about all the things we've done
I´m here with you my love
Loving you, like I do
May I feel in my bones that I am enough