REVIEW album Karuna Heartsease (Single)

Karuna Release 'Heartsease'

Heartsease (Single)


With their new hit, 'Heartsease,' folk ensemble Karuna are serenading the ears. The track is one-of-a-kind, paving the road forward while incorporating elements of early music.

Abi, the group's frontwoman, delivers a delicious vocal performance, and her beautiful tones keep us holding to her every note. She cleverly draws inspiration from the most well-known world music vocalists, but she merges the hints into her own style, which is captivating.

The music is intriguing, and it arrives with a distinct flavour. Furthermore, a fiddle instrument frequently takes centre stage, and it brings an aura to the forefront that is more reminiscent of older melodies. But, on the other hand, it does not sound out of place; instead, it adds warmth to the mix and blends perfectly with a mesmerizing guitar rhythm.

The guitar beat is also old in texture, but it provides a solid basis for the mix and binds the entire music together like glue. As the song proceeds, the guitar picks up, reaching a boiling point in the middle, where all band members gain a new lease on life.

Overall, 'Heartsease' is a lovely portrayal of modern living. Additionally, Abi lifts us and takes us on an unforgettable adventure. Her storey is timely, and while the music is unlike anything else in the current world, the wordplay reflects the spirit of today's culture. It's challenging to let go of it once it's finished.

'Heartsease' is available now on all major streaming platforms and is likely to be the first of many for the group.