REVIEW album Pimlican ft Josie I Got A Feeling (Single)

Pimlican Ft Josie - I Got A Feeling

I Got A Feeling (Single)

Pimlican ft Josie

The ongoing partnership between London-based producer Pimlican and 22 year old Bucks-based singer-songwriter Josie is great news. Why? Because they keep producing sassy soulful House tracks that sound as good on radio as they do filling floors. New single 'I got a feeling' has Josie’s bluesy alto voice and trademark multi-tracked harmonies playing off against Pimlican’s funky keyboard chords, crunching consistent beat and deep bass. It is catchy, punchy and gets inside your head before you know it. Following the success of 'Temptation' this early summer release should begin to turn heads in perfect time to find its way into DJ sets whether in the few clubs that are open or via digital streams. Another belter from the Belgrave Road Records stable.