REVIEW album Minna Ora Fire (Single)

Minna Ora Reveals Candid New Single 'Fire'

Fire (Single)

Minna Ora

Minna Ora's new single, "Fire," is rising across the indie sector. It's a single that's all its own, and the innovative approach is paying off big time for the Finnish singer, not just in her native country but all around the world.

Minna's tone is a bright beam, and her voice has a soothing, unforgettable quality. I also like how she contributes to the flavour of the mix with a catchy backing harmony that lingers in the head long after you've finished listening.

The music on 'Fire' is unconventional, giving it a distinct personality from the rest of the noise in the room. Furthermore, the folky guitar beat, which oozes enthusiasm throughout the piece, takes up a significant portion of the mix, frequently remaining at the top of the complex with the vocal.

'Fire' is a jewel, in my opinion, and I'm sure it will play out of many playlists for a long time. Also, post-covid, I'd love to see this music performed live. I can only imagine how massive it would sound with her full band and all the guns firing behind her.

Her message has a chilling but uplifting tone to it as well. Minna also has a genuine manner, and she discusses her cancer-fighting storey in a way that will inspire a lot of people. It is notable and serves as a reminder to value every moment of life.

Also, if this song is any indication, we're in for a treat with her future release, which will likely drop very soon.