REVIEW album Amanda Marie Wilkinson Taking My Time (Single)

Amanda Marie Wilkinson Bolsters Her Name With 'Taking My Time'

Taking My Time (Single)

Amanda Marie Wilkinson

American singer-songwriter Amanda Marie Wilkinson's strength is her ability to reinvent herself continuously, and her sound evolves with each new release. Furthermore, she exploded onto the scene with her debut, 'Spiritual Level,' and her most recent track, 'Taking My Time,' adds to her growing list of accomplishments.

Although the singer admits to being patient, nothing can stop her from progressing in the profession. Furthermore, the singer is moving rapidly, so it's no wonder that the music world is greeting her with open arms.

'Taking My Time' is a more soft track than her previous release, yet the thrill and intensity are still abundant. Furthermore, there is no loss of original zeal in the foundation, and the rawness of the first recording remains intact while fitting in smoothly with the commercial pop chart.

Amanda's vocals are flawless. She ditches the 'Spiritual Levels' voice effect favouring a more natural delivery, with her bona fide tones blooming as she advances through the song. She also combines her lovely vocal with a compelling musical base, and a variety of sounds contribute to the already unique environment created by her vocal prowess.

Also, as the song proceeds, the powerful piano that dominates the beginning fades out somewhat. Although, it makes way for the beat, which thumps through the speakers with a tremendous effect. Similarly, a synth lead adds ethereal texture to the mix. It offers Amanda an electronic dimension, which gives her a unique edge when comparing her to similar artists in the same arena.