REVIEW album KAJA Polish Flowers (Single)

KAJA Takes Us Back To Her Roots With 'Polish Flowers'

Polish Flowers (Single)


With her hit, 'Polish Flowers,' Polish singer and songwriter Kaja takes us back to her roots. The song is a sentimental journey back to the singer's homeland, where she reminisces about her happy childhood in Poland.

The entire music is captivating lyrically, and it will appeal to everyone who has a cherished memory of a place they no longer live. Furthermore, Kaja is now a Glasgow resident, and no city will ever compare to the flowers that bloom back home, no matter how beautiful it is.

Her vocals are energising, leading the path forward while creating a journey that reaches deep into the soul. Her voice has a unique tone, and she adds a new dimension to the present r'n'b soul scene. However, she incorporates elements from the past into her technique. Also, she draws inspiration from some of the most remarkable performances which have risen previously.

The music on 'Polish Flowers' isn't particularly showy, but it allows us to focus on the message and feel a personal connection to KAJA. It's a clever trick that permits us to tend toward lyrical expression while keeping track of the solid basis it requires. Nonetheless, numerous elements in the mix stand out, and the piano arrangement easily fits into the mix.

Midway through the tune, a beat appears, and the backbeat rhythm provides the track with a unique edge and a synth hook with a distinctive European feel.

Overall, 'Polish Flowers' shines out as a stand-alone track with a lyrical journey that transports us away.