REVIEW album Jennifer Porter Sun Come And Shine

Jennifer Porter Captivates With 'Sun Come And Shine'

Sun Come And Shine

Jennifer Porter

Jennifer Porter's latest album, 'Sun Come And Shine,' is a welcome respite. The new album is a gift to the musical world, and it is all one would expect from an artist of her calibre.

'Sun Come And Shine,' which opens the CD, is a standout track. It's instantly enticing with a steady flow of blues-rock and a superb vocal performance. She has a beautiful tone throughout the CD, and she gives the greatest musicians a run for their money.

We reach 'When It's All Been Said And Done' after a few tunes. Jennifer begins with a tense bass line that slams through the speakers for all the right reasons. Jennifer also conveys a message about reaching a deep place for a loved one, where she will cleanse them and eliminate any anxiety or stress they may be experiencing.

'Stop Your Talking' provides new energy to the album's foreground. Furthermore, the tune begins with a brass band before transitioning to a jazzy rhythm and Jennifer's powerful singing. She fits right in with the music, and the audio projection is flawless, leaving me wanting more.

'In And Out With You,' which appears about halfway through the record, relaxes the ears even more. Also, it sets the tone for the rest of the album. With 'I'll Be Here,' the album comes to a finish, and if you aren't rolling around on the floor like a tiny child, hit replay and delve further into Jennifer's prowess; she is awe-inspiring.