REVIEW album Thomas Cole Cringe (Single)

Thomas Cole Empowers With 'Cringe'

Cringe (Single)

Thomas Cole

Thomas Cole and EJ Garland's latest single, 'Cringe,' is a standout. It's a track that sees the duo team up for co-writing duties, and their natural production charisma shines through from the start.

Furthermore, the song commences with Thomas and EJ Garland kidding about meeting someone named Meryl; who is she? Who knows what will happen. Also, it's clear from the start that the focus will be on our self-worth and confidence. It is powerful in a world where many people try to knock others down because of their views and attitudes. They also highlight how important it is not to be afraid to try something new and stay away from the status quo.

With the track dedicated to 'Pride,' this new one is the anthem that the scene has been clamouring for quite some time. Thomas Cole's voice is commanding, and he makes the most of his unique charm from the start. EJ Garland, likewise, contributes to the attractiveness with a pleasant vocal tone, bolstering the message that Thomas introduced in the opening. Also, the party groove is joyous, and the duo incorporates a meaningful and timely message into a contagious feel-good movement.

The music is bold and exciting, with multiple paths pursued as the track progresses. There's also a dreamy flow that grabs a lot of attention, but the beat gets me going with a tapping rhythm that gets my feet twitching and my head bopping.