REVIEW album .wavrunner Magik (Single)

.Wavrunner's New Single 'Magik' Is A Perfect Summer Anthem

Magik (Single)


.wavrunner (pronounced Wave-Runner) have released their 4th single. And it's a certified banger!

The US pop hip-hop trio continue their run of singles with 'Magik', and they certainly aren't taking their foot off the gas. Described by the band as a 'happy accident' in the studio the track oozes positivity and skips along with an infectious beat that will stick in your head for days.

It's a brash, confident track that doesn't take itself too seriously. The band's asking the listener to 'shake your ass and move your feet'. I have to admit, it's hard not to bob around while listening - even while sitting at a desk.

Overall verdict. Silly fun. Pop music as it should be.