REVIEW album Jameson Rodgers In It For The Money (EP)

Jameson Rodgers Showcases Skilful Song-Writing With EP 'In It For The Money'

In It For The Money (EP)

Jameson Rodgers

Not being a particular Country music fan myself, it has been interesting delving into these waters and seeing just how much UK support there is for the genre. And, evidently, it’s growing exponentially. Jameson Rodgers is just one of a new breed of Country stars who manage to be simultaneously paying tribute to acknowledged Country traditions whilst lending a modern, bang up-to-date, vibe to the proceedings. His new EP ‘In It For The Money’ exemplifies this evolution, and, frankly, it is impressive. Rodgers’ breakout hit in the US ‘Some Girls,’ made people look up and take notice of this singer-songwriter. Like many of his contemporaries he moved to Nashville from ‘elsewhere’ and played all the bars and clubs over the years - and now it is his ‘time’. People are paying attention to Rodgers, and with good cause.

The EP ‘In It For The Money’, features 7 tracks opening with the relatable, and generally fun, radio friendly track ‘Cold Beer Calling My Name’ featuring Luke Combs. The rest (in no particular order) highlight Rodgers’ skill and versatility as a musician and songwriter. ‘Some Girls’, showcases emotional depth as he reflects on how women handle break ups differently to guys a theme made more potent as the song charges up into a really gritty, powerful gear. Title track ‘In It For The Money’ highlights artistry over income as Rodgers sings of loving what he does being important to him rather than what he earns from it. His musical richness is also highlighted by the surprising and wonderfully funk influenced ‘Rolling Rock, Rolling Stones’- a lovin life, catchy party track. ‘Desert’ is more introspective about life’s journey whilst the sentimental and poignant ‘When You Think of Mississippi’ yearns ruefully about a relationship lost. ‘Good Dogs’ is a song we can all relate and bawl our eyes out to: about that faithful furry friend who precedes us over the rainbow bridge. The skilful variation of layers in the song-writing here show an artist unafraid to be both bold and sensitive. Commercial, yet true to himself. That is quite something.

To sum up: as someone who isn't at all savvy in this genre, it is remarkable how Jameson ably joins the County music canon by managing to create not only a commercial sound, but with accessible, relatable themes we can all relate to. It is a sound that is both authentic and contemporary. Don’t be afraid of Country, people! Jump in and get involved, it has so much to offer. The EP 'In It for The Money’ is out now. Recommend.