REVIEW album Eliot Popkin Running (EP)

Eliot Popkin Reveals Vibrant New Release "Running"

Running (EP)

Eliot Popkin

Eliot Popkin is an author, singer, and songwriter who just released a new EP entitled Running, a sensitive and open 4 song EP, with acoustic pop similar to Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, and Tracy Chapman with a little Limineers and a dash of Mumford and Sons. He is inspired by his feelings and emotions. You can hear that in his music, especially in his newest song “Running.”
Running is a beautifully vulnerable piece of music. With heavy country and pop influence, it’s a song about navigating a break-up. It starts with the sounds of a train, a heavy and powerful symbol that Popkin brilliantly explores. He takes us through the emotions and stages of grief that coincide with break-ups, using train stops to show us what that really feels like. The imagery of the train is so heavy, it makes you feel every ounce of emotion Popkin evokes. But most importantly, we want to know when we will feel better and he illustrates that by not having a stop for the end of the journey. It’s a song about feeling and healing.

Running is a follow-up to his other single in the same EP, Fighter, which is just as strong and tender. It’s less melodic than Running and instead uses the guitar very deliberately. He strums the guitar sharply and uses finger picking throughout the song, invoking the feeling of inner strength. The definitive and decisive use of the guitar actually pushes the lyrics forward, giving “I was born and built to stay” more value and depth. He is able to seamlessly blend his music and lyrics to make you think about the true meaning.

Both of these songs are simple, which actually allows us to listen. The simpler, the more we hear the essence of the lyrics. It makes us look at ourselves and reflect on our lives, relationships, and the world around us. Popkin is able to do this beautifully. He understands that sometimes simple is what’s going to get through to more people, it’s relatable and that’s the secret sauce to his music. The lyrics can be just as complex and the music doesn’t need to be fancy. He shows us his heart and spirit through acoustic sounds and repetitive lyrics.