REVIEW album Martin Aelred Colgan Last Boat To St. Helena

A Diverse Collection Of Brilliant Songs: Martin Aelred Colgan's Last Boat To St. Helena

Last Boat To St. Helena

Martin Aelred Colgan

A refreshingly versatile collection of 17 excellently-crafted songs in this new album from Martin Aelred Colgan. A talented artist, singer and multi-instrumentalist, Colgan is a classically-trained guitarist and opera singer. On this record, however, we hear his pop and rock sounds shine through, with a lead vocal to rival the likes of Sting and Bono.

Colgan sure knows how to take the listener on a journey. The lead track of the album's name (see the video below) is a perfect example of just that. It's the story of a literal journey too; the final voyage of the RMS St Helena.

Martin remixed an original version of the track during lockdown. He is a prolific writer, and each of the album's songs offers something a little different.

Don't miss the evocative instrumental tone poem in “Essencia”. MaC also journeys to the brazen and beautiful Flamenco infused “City People”. This is all interspersed with love songs that tear and draw the listener in with a vocal range that should leave a lasting impression. There are some moments of instant gratification as with the incandescent “Flame” but others demand a second listen to unveil the appeal.