REVIEW album Mr. Shaff Beatz Cafe Vol.1

Mr. Shaff’s Beatz Cafe Vol.1 Not Only Sounds Good, It Feels Good.

Beatz Cafe Vol.1

Mr. Shaff

While scouring the Internet looking for new music I stumbled upon Mr. Shaff’s Beatz Café volume one. It's so refreshing to hear just instrumentals nowadays, we are really at a crossroads when it comes to new lyricist. Paul Porter, an industry veteran who recently wrote the book titled black out, my 40 years in the music business states that artist are lyrically challenged nowadays.

Mr. Shaffs Beatz Café volume one has a real fresh, clean sound. It's a mix of hip-hop Breakbeats soundscapes groovy and funky sounds all orchestrated perfectly. If you sit back, close your eyes and listen to this album your mind will take you to some of the most vivid, relaxing places that you could imagine. While listening to this album I can envision it being played at the coffee bar or at a niche vintage boutique that has a really good artistic vibe. You don’t have to worry about hearing any vulgar or misogynistic lyrics. This project not only sounds good, but it feels good. This is soul music and I cant wait for volume two.