REVIEW album Ena Fay I Can Feel It, Too (Single)

Ena Fay's 'I Can Feel It, Too' Is An Ethereal, Avant Guard Dream

I Can Feel It, Too (Single)

Ena Fay

Cinematic, atmospheric and utterly breath taking. Ena Fay's 'I Can Feel It, Too' is a dream for those who love the sounds of the avant guard and alternative. Reminiscent of a young Kate Bush with essences of Irene Skylakaki, Ena Fay's vocal is raw and authentic, as is her songwriting.

Honesty oozes from her veins as each song bursts with emotion and personal experience. Detailed with a live band including a glorious string section, each song is arranged to perfection and offers a slightly theatrical appeal. A stand alone and stand out artist from the very first song, Ena Fay is unafraid to be unapologetically different and unapologetically herself.

A breath of fresh air in a world where many singers are trying to emulate another, Ena is her own artist in her own right and such bravery and artistry deserves the world of recognition.