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Collaboration with composer Joe Duddell somehow weaves even more magic into the subtle darkness of Daughter’s majestic 'If You Leave.'

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Daughter – EP – 4AD Sessions – (Out on 15 April 2014 and limited-edition 12" available on 26 May 2014)

Thanks to a meeting at Wales’s Festival No.6 last year, Daughter have collaborated with alternative/classical conductor Joe Duddell to record five songs from 2013’s 'If You Leave' with a 10-piece classical ensemble – provided by students and recent graduates of the Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester.  

And – oh my.  (Daughter’s 'If You Leave' was this correspondent’s favourite album of 2013, so there are no apologies for this five-song performance receiving a predictably swooning reception.)

The additional arrangements are lovely – subtle and pitch-perfect and respectful of the material.  And it really was no mean feat for Joe Duddell and company to find the right time and space to provide embellishment and depth to songs already so textured and layered (the original album was produced by Rodaidh McDonald and Daughter’s Igor Haefeli).  It is quite special.

There is not, then, a lot more that needs to be said.  But if, dear reader, you do consider that you need more convincing, then you are humbly urged to watch the performance of 'Swallows' that is linked underneath.  As Joe himself says, it “sounds so fragile, like it’s going to break down at any moment. I like that feel”.  This correspondent likes that feel a whole lot.

Daughter are: Elena Tonra (vocals, guitar); Igor Haefeli (guitar); and Remi Aguilella (percussion).  With orchestral accompaniment provided by: Joe Duddell (arrangements, conductor); Amy Welch (Violin); Tory Clarke (Violin II); Laurie Dempsey (Viola); Josh Lynch (Cello); Angelina Warburton (Harp); Delia Stevens (Vibraphone); Graham Proctor (Marimba); Tom Wood (Horn); Kai-Li Yang (Flute / Alto Flute); and James Noble (Bass Clarinet). Recorded in Air Studios, London.


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