REVIEW album Megan Barbera No Ordinary Thing

Megan Barbera Comes To Life With “No Ordinary Thing”

No Ordinary Thing

Megan Barbera

Megan Barbera’s “No Ordinary Thing” is a happy upbeat song everyone will relate to. About the beautiful thing that is the human-animal bond, “No Ordinary Thing” takes us on a familiar journey. With warm instrumentalization and soft, happy vocals, Barbera sends her audience into an adventure of memory with their beloved animal of their own.

Mixed with audio someone would hear while out with their pet, “No Ordinary Thing” spins itself into a fun and joyous creation. With fondness woven into her voice, Megan Barbera transcends the musical barrier to the listeners ear - bringing happy pet-filled memories along with her.

The human-animal bond is best described as happy serendipity, which is so effortlessly transcribed in Barbera’s newest release. Peaceful and personable, new and old listeners alike can hear the artist reminiscing herself of fond and cherishable moments and animals along the way.

Classic acoustic guitar is mirrored alongside vibrant string notes and bright drums, creating a rhythmic audio experience in “No Ordinary Thing”. In a light nature, the song brings the classic folk sound into a cheery and jovial track - perfect for the happiness and serendipity that is the main theme of the piece.

Just as Megan Barbera sings “must have been made for me”, this song was made for animal lovers all over the musical spectrum. Listeners will love the light-hearted and sweet lyrics that seem to float along the air in a gentle upbeat dance. Perfectly made to grace the track of a feel-good animal movie or the next heartfelt dog picture up on the silver screen, “No Ordinary Thing” is one of Megan Barbera’s finest releases yet.

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