REVIEW album Martin Aelred Colgan Last Boat To St. Helena

Martin Aelred Colgan Releases A New Project: "Last Boat To St. Helena"

Last Boat To St. Helena

Martin Aelred Colgan

Singer and artist Martin Aelred Colgan has been making headlines with his brand new studio release: "Last Boat To St. Helena". This song would be a perfect introduction to his music if you are new to the artist. "Last Boat To St. Helena" has a smooth, impactful sound, courtesy of a well-crafted production that’s designed to sound great while also explore the depths of Martin’s creativity.

"Last Boat To St. Helena" is an amazing first taste of what Martin can accomplish with his music. This release is also highly recommended if you do enjoy the sound of artists such as Paul McCartney, Wilco, and Bob Geldof, just to name a few. Much like the aforementioned artists, Martin is armed with a life-long passion for great music, and the ability to let his beautiful melodies speak for themselves, connecting with listeners of all walks of life in a very seamless way. After all, great music is not about chasing trends: it’s about creating a bond with the audience and making its way into their hearts! This is definitely what’s happening here.