REVIEW album Eliot Look At Me Now (Single)

Eliot Releases 'Look At Me Now'

Look At Me Now (Single)


Eliot is gratifying indie lovers with his new release, 'Look At Me Now'. The tune, which is available to stream everywhere on the internet, is a banger with a tonne of talking points.

Based in the USA, Eliot has been steadily climbing through the ranks for some years. Also, his past works have garnered him a lot of praise. Nonetheless, it appears that this new track is his most significant to date. Moreover, Eliot links up with Frank Montoya, a label proprietor, and the two collaborate to create a jewel that is full of mixed quality.

Eliot's powerful voice propels the song ahead, and his overwhelming strength keeps him at the forefront of the spotlight. In addition, his message is sincere, which stands out when compared to other performers in the same genre. He also talks about rising above adversity and overcoming challenges that others may have thrown at him. He is brave, and he believes that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

The music is also a mash-up of everything top-notch in rock and roll. Furthermore, the guitar rhythm attracts the listener's attention with its awe-inspiring timbre, while the drum cadence and bass grooves retain the listener's attention throughout the track. However, a little more backing harmony would have been excellent at times to give the music a little more stereo depth. But, when compared to the compound's importance, this pet peeve is insignificant.