REVIEW album Sanya N'kanta Easy Baby (Single)

Sanya N'kanta Brings Sultry Grooves And Charm With "Easy Baby"

Easy Baby (Single)

Sanya N'kanta

N’kanta’s “Easy Baby” delivers a sultry rock n’ roll groove, but it is all those other sonic landscape motions and musical qualities that make the song a standout and a tasty treat.

The bass and beat engage with the rock rhythms and funk pleasure, running the gamut from rock and roll surges to bluesy calm, drenched in an infectious soul ambiance and underlying pop sensibilities. N’kanta explores and infuses a multitude of sounds and styles while blurring the lines with swagger and gusto.

N’kanta is set to release more songs and videos leading up to his new album Love Is Free, co-produced by Chuck Alkazian (Tantric, Madonna, Soundgarden, The Romantics) and recorded at Pearl Sound Studios in Detroit. Following “Easy Baby” will be the release of “Highway Road.” Stream “Easy Baby” here:

Kingston, Jamaica-born N'kanta’s family relocated to the U.S. when he was 6 years old. A traumatic move, according to Sanya, on many levels. To this day, it continues to shape his social justice perspective in his music that interlocks with themes of struggle, healing, love, and light as he speaks his truths and shares his experiences.

Now based in North Carolina the genre-blurring artist/producer shares his journey, and life lessons learned, while he introspectively explores themes of mortality and humanity, yet brims with gratitude, assured artistry, and soulful, pop-rock hooks.

Sanya's career has been defined as being undefinable. He gracefully moves through rock, reggae, hip-hop, house music, and electro-pop, letting fine songcraft and a well-developed artistic identity be his signatures rather than embracing trends or coloring within culture-defined guidelines.

His previous album, The Counterfeit Revival (2020), was a swirl of sounds like only Sanya can stir up. It grappled with challenging but timely issues of race, immigration, and the black experience. It was a potent, political-themed purging that cleared room for the personal explorations that characterize his rock-infused 2021 EP These Are The Days.