REVIEW album Michelle Ward Dolly Daydreaming (Single)

A Breath Of Fresh Air: UK Singer-Songwriter Michelle Ward

Dolly Daydreaming (Single)

Michelle Ward

Michelle Ward has made a tremendous splash onto the music scene with ‘Dolly Daydreaming.’ Her fantastic voice, impeccable musicality, and strong sense of storytelling make a force to be reckoned with in the music scene.

The first thing that stood out to me about Michelle’s music was her voice. Pitch perfect and filled with the essence of an old soul, she has the perfect instrument to embody the real-life stories that she tells. Her tone and phrasing make hers a perfect instrument for her profession and puts her leagues ahead of most artists that I can think of.

She also has an impeccable ear for music. The steady, easy going flow if ‘Dolly Daydreaming’ perfectly embodies the story she is telling. It aches with the blissful yet tormented longing of a forbidden affair. A lot of the effect comes from her storytelling, but her choice of music style gives the story a personality that makes it compelling and timeless.

This one single reveals a lot about Michelle Ward: She is a true vocalist, has an uncanny musical aptitude, and is a skilled lyricist. There is no one quite like her in music today and that makes her a true breath of fresh air.