REVIEW album Burning Jacobs Ladder Danger In Me (Single)

Burning Jacobs Ladder - Danger In Me - Single Review

Danger In Me (Single)

Burning Jacobs Ladder

Australia have given us a lot of things, mostly a hard time really, but I do joke there. Here's a great new thing they've given us: Burning Jacobs Ladder.

This single (Danger In Me) has all the credibility of someone like Mark Lanegan but also has a very commercial edge veering towards Spiritualized IMO.

There's not a lot to go here but it looks like this is a solo project by Jake Johnson. I do wonder if this will (or has!) turn into a full band project because I can imagine this blowing people away in a live scenario.

I look forward to hearing more from Burning Jacobs Ladder because if this single is anything to go on then I think good things ahead.

Lets hear the follow up ASAP please.
Listen to it!