REVIEW album Glitch Project Wane (Single)

Glitch Project Excite With 'Wane'

Wane (Single)

Glitch Project

Glitch Project, the Italian alt-pop band, have released a new single called 'Wane.' The song is a testament to the group's tenacity in defying expectations and delivering something a little different.

'Wane' is a portal to alternate sounds in the future. However, it evokes a solid nostalgic sense of the indie greats who have come before them, and it is clear that Glitch Project draws inspiration from some of the most prominent and edgy musicians. They use their influence for good, and the duo adds their own components to the mix to create a unique and distinct sound of all their own.

Federica's voice approach from Glitch Project is refreshing, as she restores a genuine vocal feel with no artificial processing. Instead, it's almost as if you're hearing her play live on stage, and it gives her an authentic demeanour that can be lacking in today's industry.

The amp has a gritty sound, and all of the original characteristics are present within the mix, which is fantastic. The bass is a strong talking point in the music. It has a pounding tone that will appeal to even the most stubborn music lovers. The drum rhythm also provides a solid basis, and it fits in superbly with the groovy arrangement in the middle. Similarly, there is a synth movement that gives the compound a whole new flavour.

Overall, 'Wane' is a timeless gem that will be playing for a long time.