REVIEW album Helena Debono Right Here

Summery Melodies Disguise Tales Of Love And Loss

Right Here

Helena Debono

For fans of easy, jazzy tunes and cabaret standards this album is perfect, but listen more closely and the light, happy melodies disguise the heartbreak within. Helena Debono's soaring vocals are the perfect complement to her lyricism; she sings of love, loss and betrayal on a number of original tracks including 'Ending' with its Spanish guitar, 'Little Life', the first single and 'Prisoner of Love'. Though the lyrics themselves sometimes feel a tad cliched, there is no doubting the power of Debono's (a classically trained singer) vocals and where she allows herself to let rip a little, as on the cover of 'House of the Rising Sun' there are hints of Peggy Lee and Ella.

One to watch.