REVIEW album Julia Thomsen And Tre Barcelona Summer (Single)

Julia Thomsen Teams Up With Tre For Majestic Release 'Barcelona Summer'

Barcelona Summer (Single)

Julia Thomsen And Tre

Julia Thomsen's new single, 'Barcelona Summer,' features Tre. It's a summery track with a warm glow emanating from the composition. The music is more relaxed than Julia's traditional neo-classical songs, yet Julia maintains her signature style with lovely arrangements.

'Barcelona Summer' is a thoughtful work that transports us to Spain's beautiful city. It's unclear whether Julia wrote the song in Barcelona, but the city appears to have significantly influenced her performance here. Tre, who lives in India, also contributes significantly to the mix, and the two work well together.

The tune begins with a majestic piano lead and the sounds of birds chirping in the background. The piano arrangement develops into a compelling melody that is intensely memorable. In the opening section, a synth lead joins the piano lead, giving it more weight. The melody then shifts and picks up again in the middle portion, with a guitar-like rhythm joining the voyage as well.

The piece gradually progresses to the final section, with no new significant events occurring along the way. However, the sounds become more pleasant to the psyche and become deeply ingrained. Yet, hearing the birds in the opening portion return in the closing segment would have completed the track even more nicely.

Overall, 'Barcelona Summer' is a musical delight and an excellent remedy for unwinding from the stresses of modern life.