REVIEW album Laura Greaves Into The Dark (EP)

The Wicked Genius Of Laura Greaves

Into The Dark (EP)

Laura Greaves

I can say with absolute confidence that my favorite artist at the moment (for the past month at least, actually) is Laura Greaves. Her penchant for pop with a sinister twist is both captivating and entertaining.

It is always exciting to see an artist doing their own thing and that is exactly what Laura Greaves is doing. She is unabashedly herself and knows exactly who she is as an artist. I think that is one of the main reasons her new EP 'Into The Dark' is so compelling.

One of the most thrilling moments on this EP is the final track, titled ‘Follow Me.’ It starts off eerie and gets more diabolical from there. The beat is so irresistible and ebbs and flows with the synthy buzz that threatens to explode throughout the track. It is the perfect club track and is ridiculously danceable. Laura delivers a confident vocal performance that borders on the edge of mania. She knows exactly how to use her voice to convey that dark edge that she is so fond of.

In my opinion, Laura Greaves is one of the most exciting artists to hit the music scene in a while. She is doing something different, and it makes her music exciting to listen to. She is currently working on a new project, and I cannot wait to hear the results.

Watch the music video for her track 'Psychopath' which has just dropped below: