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Klaxons are back with their third album, ‘Love Frequency’.

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Again exploring the boundaries between British electro-pop and indie rock, creating an interesting mash up with their cleverly layered vocals. This album promises to be a hit, and to put it simply, its good. Really good.


Klaxons - Love Frequency (out 2nd June)

The album opens with track ‘A New Reality’, focussing on being high energy, this track is all about impact, which creates a high impact tone for the album. This is carried through and it seems Klaxons are choosing to show off their unique electronic sound, supported by guitar riffs and rock drum beats.

The first single from the album ‘Show Me A Miracle’, has a more laid back rhythm, but has the same head bobbing beat, with electronics similar to artists, such as Mø. This is definitely an escapist track, and you can definitely get lost in its deep beats, with moments of silence, this is definitely a tune that builds suspense, and follows a lot of electronic trends of the year, so no wonder it was chosen as the album’s first single.

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The exploration continues in tracks like ‘Children of the Sun’, which is has heavier guitars and higher vocals, giving it a very haunting tone, this is a track that has a catchy yet slightly slower rhythm. ‘Invisible Force’ promises to definitely be a summer anthem, taking on a more ibiza-club type vibe, with simple lyrics and electronics that make you dance before you realise it, the piano riffs add an extra element on top of this loud, dancey and anthemic song.

Eponymous track ‘Love Frequency’, concludes the album with another track that builds momentum, again with strong lyrics and vocals. This song has a lot of elements going on, which clash and contrast, to some it may sound too busy, however it does work very well and the contrasting elements eventually turn into supporting elements. It does appear to work well with the album's overall sound, which definitely ends on a high note.

Klaxons are currently on tour with their new album, and of course some classics, showcasing their new yet very familiar sound, as well as performing at festivals, such as BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Glasgow at the end of May. Commencing their festival run, which includes even more dates and festivals overseas.

You can listen to the single 'Show Me A Miracle' here:

The album 'Love Frequency' will be released on June 2 and the single 'Show Me A Miracle' will be released on 15 June on iTunes

The most up to date tour dates can be found on their Website.