REVIEW album Marije Stupid Lie (Single)

Marije Stuns With 'Stupid Lie'

Stupid Lie (Single)


Marije, the pop genius, is back with her new single, 'Stupid Lie.' It's a song that showcases the singer's talent and leaves an impression from the first listen.

With 'Stupid Lie', Marije carves out a unique niche for herself while remaining true to today's contemporary charts by taking subtle cues from some of the genre's finest names. Her approach, though, is fresh, and her delivery screams smash hit the moment it begins.

When comparing this to other preludes in the genre, 'Stupid Lie' opens with an innovative overture, and the opening stands out. Then a beat appears, which has a dancing Latin vibe to it and nicely complements Marije's vocals. Marije can't go wrong with her voice, and she rises to the occasion with zeal in every note. She is sick of others' falsehoods and suspicious behaviour, and she expects honesty! Her storey is very engaging, and she expresses herself without ambiguity.

The music on 'Stupid Lie' is unique, and there are numerous structural changes that keep the track glowing brightly. Also, the variety of sounds that emerge as the song continues keeps us fascinated, with steel drums jumping out in the middle section. Additionally, the refrain may be one of the most memorable melodies to hit the scene this year.

'Stupid Lie' is the summer anthem that 2021 has been craving! The track's exuberance is ageless, and it will come as no surprise to hear this one booming out of dancehalls for a long time to come.