REVIEW album Xavier Marooned Again (Single)

Xavier Delves Deep With 'Marooned Again'

Marooned Again (Single)


Xavier's 'Marooned Again' is a high-octane dark pop anthem rocketing up the music charts. It's the North Carolina-based musician's first track of the summer, demonstrating the musician's versatility.

A mysterious overture opens the piece in classic Xavier flair, creating a unique soundscape. It directs the course forward and establishes the tone for the rest of the piece. With his lively vocals pounding the chops for the right reasons, Xavier then appears and drips enthusiasm. His musical approach is energising, and his catchy melodic hooks tug at the heartstrings.

The music blossoms like a flower, and it hits the chorus with a tremendous thud! Furthermore, the refrain is challenging to hold back, and the noises blend to create an atmosphere unlike anything else in the game. Also, here Xavier unfolds his message even further, and he speaks with candid flavour! He expresses himself cleverly talking about being left behind and stranded by most probably his closest loved ones.

Overall, 'Marooned Again' is a bit of a departure, and it's refreshing to see Xavier stretching the envelope. He wants to explore the subgenre of dark pop and hip hop music, and it's safe to say he succeeds! As a result, it will be no surprise to see him influence a new generation of post-genre artists!