REVIEW album Brittaney Delsarte Southern Life (Life)

Brittaney Delsarte Debuts Video For "Southern Life"

Southern Life (Life)

Brittaney Delsarte

Brittaney Delsarte is back with a brand new music video after releasing her single “Southern Life”. This lively and colorful music video showcases all the wonderful things about having a southern life. Brittaney opens the video wearing a stunning white dress that appears to date back to how southern women dressed in the mid 1900s. Brittaney spends the first 30 seconds of the video in her special spotlight, portraying a sense of independence and confidence in women. The video appears to be recorded in her hometown and features many female leads, family members, and old friends.

When Brittaney reaches her destination, we see her engulfed in a welcoming hug by a family of women. It appears there may be a mother, a grandmother, and/or an aunt along with a small child most likely to be a niece. Brittaney shows true joy in seeing her family and the smiles spread from person to person. She then changes out of her dress and into something more modern and comfy and meets up with old friends. They all seem to be having a good time and catching up, which spawns a very heart-warming feeling. There is a small dance break where Brittaney and her girlfriends all get up and perform a dance routine. Once again, this brings about strong imagery of women empowerment. The dance was very down-to-earth and modern.

After the dance break, Brittaney is seen back at her family’s house getting ready to enjoy a home cooked meal. This music video seems almost like a homecoming video as Brittaney returns to the southern life she had left behind and included all her friends and family in the video. The video ends with the family sharing a big feast and Brittaney’s father entering at the last shot and giving his daughter a kiss on the cheek. It is imminent to see that southern life is what Brittaney is used to and perhaps is something she misses. We can see genuine happiness from her and the other people in the video.

Brittaney gives us a glimpse of southern life through the visuals in this video. All of her interactions, clothing choices, and close familial ties pieced together the image Brittaney is attempting to portray through “Southern Life” lyrics. This glorious work of art showcases powerful women and bonding relationships with family and friends. Brittaney effectively pulled at my heartstrings by choosing such strong imagery that shares happiness and comfort with the rest of the world. The “Southern Life” music video was incredibly sweet, pulling at my heartstrings with the spread of joy. This video is something worth watching. I applaud Brittaney for her ability to capture a sweet video filled with people who care about her.

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