REVIEW album Gingerr Rust Mr. Bleu (EP)

Mr. Bleu By Gingerr Rust

Mr. Bleu (EP)

Gingerr Rust

Mr. Bleu, by Los Angeles R&B artist Gingerr Rust, is a five track EP that is filled with R&B, soul, jazz, and pop. This is Gingerr’s first EP following her first album, Jayne TV, that was released in 2020. Gingerr Rust has a soulful voice that compliments her lyrics and dreamy melodies. Some of the themes within the EP include heartbreak, loss, survivor’s guilt, and expired relationships. Gingerr Rust has given listeners an emotional and creative take on modern R&B. Mr. Bleu is an enjoyable EP that you won’t be able to stop listening to.

Make sure to check out ‘Dead Butterflies’ and ‘Rage Wave.’