REVIEW album Remayn Him Always, Them Sometimes, Her Forever

Processing Emotion With Remayn: A Review Of His New Project

Him Always, Them Sometimes, Her Forever


When it comes to processing tragedy and hardships, there is nothing quite like creating or listening to music to help you process your feelings and emotions. Remayn has been doing that for years and has certainly helped me through his music. His latest effort ‘Him Always. Them Sometimes. Her Forever’ is a bit of a departure from his previous work. Whereas acoustic music was his main forte before, he experiments with layering, guitars, and magnificent walls of sound on this nine-track album, and he does this to great affect. The album is virtually flawless and is easily my favorite project from him. You should give the whole project a listen, but if you only choose to hear a couple, please allow me to make some recommendations.

‘Fata Morgana’ is the first one. It is the perfect example how much Remayn has evolved as an artist. It has that wall of sound I was referring to and it swells with emotion. Truly my favorite track. ‘Foetal Position’ is another incredible track. His voice has the most wonderful timbre, and he knows exactly where to take the melody. This is a mellow track that heats into a steady simmer.

With only nine tracks you should have no problem blasting through the whole project, but at least give those two a listen.

Afterwards, I bet you will feel compelled to hear the rest.