REVIEW album Shaun Johnson + The Big Band Experience Multiplied By Two (Single)

Shaun Johnson + The Big Band Experience Debut Epic New Single

Multiplied By Two (Single)

Shaun Johnson + The Big Band Experience

Shaun Johnson is back with a beautiful jazzy tune about love and wanting to be with the one you love in this new single “Multiplied by Two”. This single is incredibly catchy from the start and offers a very stripped down version of music not often heard anymore. Shaun incorporates a few instruments with lots of harmonies in this single. The song pays homage to the older jazz legends such as Bing Crosby. “Multiplied by Two” makes you want to get up and dance with your partner, or by yourself, and let yourself be taken away by the music.

Shaun Johnson has been a fan of jazz for a very long time and took initiative to create a big band experience in studio music. However, in this song, Shaun strips back his big band and uses just the essential instruments to create a jazzy love song. The acoustic guitar carries the melody throughout the entire song with some added instrumentation scattered throughout. There’s a beautiful clarinet that comes in with little riffs that help add dimension to the song. There are snaps that come in on every other beat and add a percussive element. The thing that really makes this song stand out is the harmonizing Shaun has throughout the song. He sings the entire song, but is accompanied by beautiful women's voices that sing alongside him. The combination of the two voices just makes us want to listen to this song over and over again.

As mentioned earlier, this song was created as an homage to the greats such as Bing Crosby. Therefore, we can hear a lot of similar musicality and vocal production to that of what Bing Crosby used to create. Shaun also sounds a bit like Michael Buble, especially in Michael’s more stripped back love songs. Shaun also uses a lot of rhyme schemes which just helps the song flow more smoothly. His addition of women singers to sing his backup vocals is another homage to the Andrew Sisters. This also helps date Shaun’s music and makes us feel as though we were back in the early-mid 1900s when jazz was really booming.

This is a love song unlike any other. Shaun brings out the most raw and intimate emotions in this song. “Multiplied by Two” has some of the sweetest most heartfelt lyrics that makes women swoon. This is a song about having your soulmate and wanting to do everything for them. Love is better when it is multiplied by two. That is, love is better when two people are in it together. Shaun talks about doing anything to find and keep the love of his life. He describes how amazing love is when it can be described as “us” rather than “me and you”. This song can be played over and over again without growing tired. For any hopeless romantics or jazz lovers, this is the song for you! Even if you aren’t, this song might make you become one.

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  • OMG! Love the song! But love everything..the photos, the artwork. This guy is serious.