REVIEW album Sophie Kilburn My Room Made Public

Sophie Kilburn Bares All In Indie-Rock Debut EP, My Room Made Public

My Room Made Public

Sophie Kilburn

My Room Made Public is the newest offering from Derbyshire-born, London-based artist Sophie Kilburn. Following on from the release of the singles ‘I’m In Love With My Therapist’, and ‘Movements’, Sophie Kilburn returns to drop off the next 2 tracks; ‘Ruthless’ and ‘Under the Heat’ which will complete the tracklist for her long-awaited debut EP. Previously supported by the likes of COMPLEX UK, BBC Introducing, Charlie Ashcroft, Chalkpit, Mahogany + many more, Sophie Kilburn has long since cemented herself as a home-grown British talent who has everything it takes to make it to the top.

Yet despite the critical acclaim, bags of talent, and unquenchable drive, Sophie, like many new, independent artists has struggled to fully find her place in a world full of gender roles, stereotypes, unspoken expectations, and the need for outward validation. My Room Made Public is Sophie’s way of exploring those thoughts and feelings whilst also providing hope and empowerment to those going through similar situations, especially women.

4-tracks long, the project sees Sophie digs deep to ask how much of our lives should we actually share with the world? It explores the pressure to share parts of yourself as a way to find your own identity and validation, be it on Social Media or real life. Do you have to share everything to be heard and to be relatable? If you don't, are you not brave enough?

Set upon a backdrop of 70s, rock-style instrumentals, encompassing that nostalgic, full-bodied, big-band feel, My Room Made Public hits the ears as a bad-ass, no holds barred offering both sonically and lyrically. Real, raw, and relatable, Sophie Kilburn presents fans and listeners with an incredibly well thought out body of work, whose quality is undeniable and whose meaning is profound and timeless.