REVIEW album Andrew Jahn Love (Single)

Love Is In The Air With Andrew Jahn's New Single

Love (Single)

Andrew Jahn

Loving this song and deep, soulful lyrics. Epic piano ballad. A beautiful piano melody and that powerful, soaring voice!
Andrew Jahn is a young Ottawa-based pop crooner on the rise who sings from deep in his heart and soul. Andrew is a spiritual person whose compositions are based on difficult but ultimately healing life experiences. Andrew reminds us to love one another on his new pop single.

His deeply moving composition Love can be interpreted in many ways encompassing human love as well as spiritual love for the Creator of our universe. " What is this feeling in my heart, you are the light that guides me home, I’ll never be alone."

The video was filmed at the acoustically superb Almonte Old Town Hall. Andrew’s voice soars above the rafters and echoes through our hearts as he sings his powerful lyrics accompanied by the beautiful melody brilliantly played on the Steinway grand piano.

Watch out for this rising young star!